Indie Game Developer

Hello, I’m J, but I release under the name of “Carter Games”.
I started this back in 2018 & have kept releasing my personal projects under it ever since.
I currently work full time in the games industry and work this on the side in my spare time.


I’ve made several code based tools/solutions that are avalible for FREE on the Unity Asset Store & other platforms. These started out as personal projects for a bit of fun with the Unity editor, but evolved into useful tools that I shared to all.

Games & Apps

While tools have been the main focus for me as they have been the most useful & require the most upkeep. I have delved into making some games and apps as well. I plan to further expand the games section in the years to come with some more complete titles as well as some prototypes for people to try.


Read more about what is going on at Carter Games as well as catching the latest project on the projects I’m working on.


Below are some important resources such as guides, branding & press kits.

🔗 Unity (C#) Style Guide
🔗 Git Commit Emoji


Follow me on a variaty of social platforms to catch the latest updates when I post them.


Get in touch with me either directly at [email protected] or via the contact form here!

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