Indie Game Developer

Hello, I’m J, but I release under the name of “Carter Games”.
I started this back in 2018 & have kept releasing my personal projects under it ever since.
I currently work full time in the games industry and work this on the side in my spare time.

Some elements of the website are still a work in progress, so some buttons may not function at this time.

Upcoming Products

Below are all upcoming works that are works in progress or have their fates being undecided…


A tactical survival shooter where you control the weapons systems of a navy destroyer.

All Products

Below are all the products I have released so far…

Multi Scene

A tool for handling game development with more than 1 scene loaded at once. So you can spread out elements of your game into separate scenes.

Build Versions

A build number automation tool that handles updating the build numbers for your projects.

Leaderboard Manager

A solution for handling local leaderboards in your games, from storing scores to displaying the results.

Save Manager

A solution to handle game save data as well as the saving/loading of game data at runtime.

Detective Notes

An alternative note taking app for the board game clue/cluedo, instead of paper notes.

Transform Colours

A simple visual edit to the transform component to display it with a colour background on the x,y,z.

Audio Manager

A solution to handle playing & managing audio/music in your projects.


An endless survival game where you jump around the screen avoiding crushers trying to crush you to pieces.