Today marks the end of week 6 of development on Project Tilly. This week’s plan was to fix all the problems currently in the game so I could move forward for more stuff in the coming weeks. This has been achieved mostly, with a lot of little issues fixed and some obsolete code removed.

Here’s a little preview of how the existing content looks now, with a few UI adjustments to make the system feel a little more polished.

Some of the issues fixed include:

  • The pause menu could be opened when the journal was open and vice versa.
  • When interacting with doors, the door would sometimes not open correctly.
  • When interacting with doors, and spamming the interact button, the door would stack the inputs instead of just listening to the first input until the door was available again.
  • Fixed issues where the player would collide with the bed during the intro tutorial.
  • Re-worked the inventory system to be simplistic as the old system was a bit over-engineered for the job at hand.

Next week I’ll be moving on with computer system mechanic, where the player can use devices such as laptops & phones in a similar way to real life. This won’t be done in a week for sure, but it should only take a few weeks to get sorted so I might as well get started.