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We create tools for our own needs, when we make a tool that may be useful or interesting for others to use, we release them publicly on the unity asset store for others to use. These tools vary in size and complexity, but they have a place on our site.


Audio Manager

A simple audio manager that allows audio to be implemented into any game quickly and easily. It comes with a custom inspector that also allows the user the preview songs they have in the manager as well as a whole bunch of methods to play sounds in a variety of ways. 

Initial Creation: 04/07/2019
Latest Version: 2.3.2 (20/06/2020)


Transform Colours

A super simple cosmetic change to the unity editor that changes the inspector for the transform component in unity to have each X,Y,Z field match the colours used in the scene gizmo's. 

Initial Creation: 12/04/2020
Latest Version: 1.1.3 (20/06/2020)


Tag Organiser

A niche tool that allows you to re-organise you project's tag order. This can be useful for projects that have a lot of tags that may be in a random order, as well as just something useful to keep your tags in check.

Initial Creation: 14/05/2020
Latest Version: Asset still in development


Build Versions

A simple editor script that runs in the background and updates the build version for your project when you make a new build. This asset has a editor window that allows the user to select when number in the X.X.X sequence to update as well. 

Initial Creation: 18/05/2020
Latest Version: Asset still in development

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