Our Assets


We create tools for our own needs, when we make a tool that may be useful or interesting for others to use, we release them publicly on the unity asset store for others to use. These tools vary in size and complexity, but they have a place on our site.

Audio Manager +

A advanced version of our Audio Manager asset. This asset comes with a lot of extra features and tools to add audio into your games. including, a soundtrack manager, options to use audio mixers and more…


A handy asset that adds a load of shortcuts to unity for certain tasks as well as a sidebar with quick access to a variety of Unity windows and access to some of our other assets functionality if in the project.

Leaderboard Manager

A simple local leaderboard manager designed to make added a leaderboard to a game really easy. The asset is small and simple and can be expanded by the user to work with any project at any scale.

Save Manager

A simple game saving system designed for beginners with a custom editor window to help new users make a savable class without having to write any code themselves.

Transform Colours

A super simple cosmetic change to the unity editor that changes the inspector for the transform component in unity to have each X,Y,Z field match the colours used in the scene gizmo’s.

Audio Manager

A simple audio manager that allows audio to be implemented into any game quickly and easily. It comes with a custom inspector and lots of methods to add sound to your games.