Build Versions Under Review!

By Jonathan

Build Versions Under Review!

We recently annouced a new asset that was going to be released this month, well here it is! Build Versions is an automation tool that is like out other asset totally Free. This tool automatically updates a build number along with some other useful information that you can display in your project.

The asset by default will automatically update the following information in a scriptable object for you to implement if you wish:

  • A unique build number, that starts at 1 and goes up each build you make in your project.
  • The date that the build was made up.

You can also have the asset update the Major/Minor/Patch systematic version number that is commonly used in software development version numbers. Change when the build information updates and whether or not the asset updates the build information.

You can view the documentation here if you are interested and want to get a sneak peak. We will make another post as and when the asset is officially live.

By Jonathan

Hi, I’m Jonathan, a Junior Programmer, currently working as in the games industry. I run Carter Games as my indie brand to release under in my spare time. I am currently the only person working on the projects at Carter Games, but the plan is to one day add some people to the team and get a fully indie studio started.

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