Menu Items

Accessed under Tools/Build Versions | CG/ā€¦ there are several options that you can edit from these menus. The edit options for both build information & build options can be accessed at the top which will focus you on the scriptable objects in question. Below is what the rest of the sections are and do

šŸ“– Type

The build type is a string that you can define either using one of the many pre-set options, or whatever you define yourself. In the menu there are a list of the common ones, such as Development, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate etc. What is set here is purely cosmetic and is designed to be used a text UI to show to the user what type of build they are playing for context. You can set it to anything you want directly on the build information asset.

šŸ—“ļø Date

The date is just automatically set the system date when you make a build. You can manually set the date to today via the menu item as well. Like the build type it is purely cosmetic and is designed to be used a text UI to the user.

šŸ”¢ Build Number

The build number is a unique number that increments by 1 each time you make a build based on the settings you have setup. This number is a useful number to use internally to distinguish between different builds. It can also be displayed via text UI should you wish.

šŸ”¢ Version Number

The version number is the player settings build number. You can increment the major, minor or patch elements of the number from here. Note these will only work with the version number setup correctly, you will get an error in condole otherwise.

šŸ”„ Sync

The sync option allows you to force the semantic version numbers to sync to the player settings number. This is handy if you have added your own custom updater that needs to match the current version or if they have gotten out of sync due to an error.