Options Asset

🗺️ Location

The settings for the asset can be access via the following methods and has the icon shown on the right. This asset holds all settings, if deleted the asset will regenerate a new one with default settings when you next use the asset.

Project Settings Window

This window also shows the version number of the asset, release date & some helpful links as well as the settings for the asset. See what each option does here: .

You can edit the settings via this window. It can be found under Project Settings/Carter Games/Build Versions

Menu Item

You can access the settings via a menu item on the top bar navigation menu which can be found under Tools/Build Versions | CG/Edit Settings This will open the project settings window on the build versions settings.

Settings Asset Button

The settings asset can be found under Assets/Resources/Carter Games/Build Versions/Build Version Options This is the scriptable object that controls the settings of the asset. You can only view the settings from there. To actually edit the settings, press the Edit Settings button in the inspector of the asset.

⚙️ Options

Asset Status

This controls the status of the asset overall. The options are as follows:

DisabledDisables the entire asset so it doesn’t update any numbers when you make a build, regardless of other settings. All other settings will disable when this is set.
Enabled (Default)Enables the entire asset to function, the build numbers will update when making a build based on the other settings.
Prompt MeEnables the build number updating based on the response to a dialogue box that will appear when you start a build. This will appear every-time you make a build.

Build Update Time

This controls when the build number will update. So, for example if a build fails, you may not want the build numbers to update or you may want it to happen regardless of success. There are currently only 2 options for this which are:

Any BuildUpdates the build numbers on any build made even if it fails due to an error.
Only Successful Builds (Default)Only updates the build numbers when a build was successfully made with no errors.

Semantic Versioning

This controls whether to update the semantic version number, such as 1.0.0 or 2.5.2. These are the numbers setup in your player settings and appear on the project executable or info when inspected by users. This has the same 3 options as in the asset status which are:

DisabledDisables the semantic versioning, the number will not update when you make a build.
EnabledEnables the semantic versioning, the number will update when you make a build.
Prompt Me(Default)Prompts you with a dialogue box each build asking you whether you update the semantic version number. It will update based on your input.

Last Systematic Number

This stores the last semantic version number set by the versioning system. It is used when you use the sync option in the nav menu to sync up all updaters that use the s

emantic versioning setup. E.g when you change build platform for the first time and the number doesn’t stay the same. This option is automatically updated so you cannot edit it directly. If you want to update it to the latest in your project, use the following menu item to do so:

Tools/Build Versions | CG/Sync/Update Cached Version Number

Bundle Code Update

Android Build Platform Only

This controls whether the version system should update the bundle code for the android platform when making a build.

Disabled (Default)Doesn’t update the bundle code.
EnabledUpdates the bundle code when a build is made.
Prompt MePrompts you with a dialogue box each build asking you whether you update the bundle code. It will update based on your input.