Can I use leaderboard from version 1.x.x?

Sadly not, the backend changed a lot in the upgrade to version 2.x.x, hence why we didn’t make it a minor patch staying on the 1.x.x versioning. We advise that you only upgrade if you need as you will lose and stored entries beforehand.

Can I use Leaderboard Data to add entries instead of Leaderboard Manager?

Yep, the Leaderboard Manager just calls the methods on the data for the board you are adding to, so you are calling the same method but with 1 less step.

The example scene shows no entries, is there something wrong?

Nope, I can’t ship the asset with entries in the board that easily, so by default there are no entries. The example scene is meant to show you that you can add and remove entries from an example board and display them an many ways.