Leaderboard Display

This display inspector applies to both the normal and TextMeshPro variants of the display script. This script is designed to help you display the leaderboard data, however you may want to create your own for a custom display. The header section shows the asset logo if imported along with the version number for the asset and some buttons.

  • Documentation – Links to the online copy of the asset documentation.
  • Discord – Links to the Carter Games Discord server, where you chat about games, show your work and get additional support.
  • Report Issue – Links to the bug reporting form on the carter.games website where issues with the asset can be reported directly.
Leaderboard Setup Section
  • Board ID – The ID of the board to display, Example will display the example board info.
  • Display Option – Defines how the data from the board is displayed.
Display Setup Section
  • Board Parent – The object that is the parent for the leaderboard rows to spawn under, normally a scroll rect or layout group object.
  • Row Prefab – The prefab to use for spawning rows in the board display, we provide one with the asset, it just has 3 text objects in a line.
  • Entries To Show – Defines how many entries to show on the board, this option is disabled on display options that define this, like top 3 options.
  • Start At – Defines where in the parent the leaderboard starts, so if you have objects that are children of the parent already, you can offset where the board starts writing. In the example scene we set it to 1 to allow the leaderboard row headers to be at the top of the display. Set it to 0 if you donโ€™t need an offset.
Display Customisation Section

This section can be hidden by a dropdown if desired.

  • Show Position – Defines whether or not a position number should be show on the display.
  • Position Prefix – Defines the prefix used before the position value on the display.
  • Position Suffix – Defines the suffix used after the position value on the display.
  • Position Index – Defines the index in the row prefab where the position text element is.
  • Name Index – Defines the index in the row prefab where the name text element is.
  • Score Index – Defines the index in the row prefab where the name text element is.
  • Format Score As Time – Defines whether or not the score value of the entries are read as time values.
  • Time Format – Defines the way the time is formatted. Note that the score should be just a normal number for this to work.