Menu Items

Accessed under Tools/Carter Games/Multi Scene/ā€¦ there are extra options & windows to help you use the asset. Below are all the options and what they do.

šŸ“– Scene Loader

This opens the multi scene loader, an editor window that lets you load any scene group in your project. Note that groups that are not setup correctly will have their button disabled until you setup the group correctly. A correctly setup group will have at-least a base scene selected and no scenes set as Unassigned

By default the scene group will show with the name of the group and a standard button. The button will appear under the No Category group unless you have assigned a group in the scene group meta data. If you want to customise the look & category of a group you can do so in the scene group inspector under Meta Data

There are several common groups given in the asset as default categories to choose from. You can see these in the settings window of the asset and add your own groups view the User Defined section. You can also reorder and of the categories in this window including the default ones should you need to.