Setup & First Use

The setup for the asset is very straight forward as there is a handy editor tool to do all the hard work for you. The tool assists in the creation of the SaveData.cs file which a blank version of is provided with the asset to avoid errors in the package. Now you can just write in the file yourself if you know what you are doing and put in your save types.

āš ļø Editing the class yourself has the risk of breaking the editor tool, we have tried to catch all issues, but you may experience issues by editing the class yourself.

Accessing the editor tool

To access the editor tool, all you have to do is navigate to the tools tab on the navigation bar at the top of the Unity window and enter the Save Manager | CG tab and press the Save Data Editor option. Once pressed an editor window will popup which can be moved, resized and docked as you would with any other tab like the inspector, hierarchy and game view tabs for instance.

How to use the editor tool

The editor tool comprises of 2 main tabs, the first one allows you to create and edit the Save Data class with and the second display information about the asset as well as useful links relevant to the asset. When opening the tool, if you already have an existing Save Data setup which is valid, the editor will update to show the current values for you to adjust and edit. Note that if you edit the class outside of the tool and then open the editor tool, you may find some values will not read correctly.