Save Profiles

Profile Tab

The profile tab lets you create captures of your games save at its current state. You can then load the states to a previous save from the editor. Note that this only saves what values you currently save in their current type to a text file so any changes to types etc will not load from an older profile. You cannot load or edit save profiles at runtime.

Profile Creator

You can create a profile by just entering a new name for that profile and then press the create button. This will add a capture of your current save data, add it to the profiles store asset & display it in the profile viewer.

Profile Viewer

Here you can view all the profiles you have created and manage them. You have three options here:

  • Load Profile: loads the profile to the save, overriding any current data.
  • View File: Highlights the text asset for the profile.
  • -: Deletes the profile from the system & removes the text asset.