Our Games

Our Games

We create a variety of games & apps as well as participate in game jams, below are all the titles we currently have release or are in active development.

Released Products

Detective Notes

Android Scorecard App
Detective Notes is an alternative for the paper notes that is compact, flat and minimalistic. Please note this does not have all the functionality of the traditional paper notes. The purpose of this app is to be an alternative version to help those who struggle with the traditional layout.


Android Game
Crushing! is an endless survival game where you control and orb which is surrounded by crushers on all sides, your objective is the guide the orb away from the crushers for as long as possible. This game has no ads, interruptions or in app purchases and is a perfect game to pass away the time.

Products In Development


C.W.I.S is a tactical survival game where you control a light warship sailing the sea’s. The game is based on the game jam of the same name where you had to stop endless missiles from hitting your ship.

Products On Hold

Lost My Marbles

Lost My Marbles is a single & multiplayer marble game where you platform and race to regain your sanity while encountering multiple traps, hazards and weird enviroments.

Micro Arcade

Micro Arcade is our founders final major project, we are continuing it by developing it further, adding features that were missing in the project and updating the look and feel of the game.