Release Date: TBC

Welcome to C.W.I.S, a tactical shooter where you controls the weapons systems of a destroyer that was constantly under missile attack. Your job is to kill all inbound threats and survive long enough to go on the offensive!

An early gameplay screenshot


C.W.I.S is a remake of a game jam title under the same name. The original game is an endless survival game mode where you defend your ship from constant missile attack from all directions using a multitude of weapons systems to do so. These include a Close-in weapons system, designed to take out missiles at close range before they hit the ship, a missile launcher to launch interceptor missiles towards missiles that are further away from the ship & a chaft system which can take the blow of missile in close range by diverting the missile to another heat signature, saving your ship.

In this remake there will be a load more features, new weapons, weapon switching, more modes & more! some of the planned key features below.

Key Features

  • Unique action/survival gameplay
  • Customise & level up your weapons systems
  • Unlock new weapons to add to your ship
  • Defeat Bosses (Coming Soon)
  • Complete Campaign & Missions (Coming Soon)
  • Play local co-op with up to 4 players (Planned for 0.3.x)

Development & Roadmap

The game has a few updated planned past the first release. Further updates will depend on how the game does on the market.

Version 0.1.x

  • New input setup for future multi-player support.
  • New weapon control systems for more modular weapons.
  • Updated visuals for weapons systems.
  • Copy of original endless survival gameplay.
Version 0.2.x

  • Game settings & more in-depth menus
  • Controller support.
  • Additional weapons & switching system.
  • AI improvements
    • Missiles are shot at you in a variety of attack styles instead of totally randomly. 
    • AI can intercept your intercepted missiles & counterattacks. 
  • Ship variations
    • Control ships of different sizes, larger ships with more weapons or smaller ships with less weapons.
Version 0.3.x

  • In-game tutorial
  • 1 v 1 ship battles (local multiplayer)
  • Co-op arcade mode (up to 4-players)
  • More TBC

Watch the full development process of the game in the dev-log series on the project.