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Leaderboard Manager Documentation

Contributors: Jonathan Carter
Documentation Valid for Version: 1.0.1
Last Updated: 31/08/2020


1) Package Information

The package has five folders:

Editor/Carter Games/: LeaderboardDisplayEditor.cs
Prefabs/Carter Games/Example: Canvas.prefab, LeaderboardRow.prefab
Resourses/Carter Games/Leaderboard Manager: IconLBM.png
Scenes/Example: LeaderboardManagerExampleScene.scene
Scripts/Carter Games/: LeaderboardManager.cs, LeaderboardData.cs & LeaderboardDisplay.cs + /Example LeaderboardManagerExample.cs
Readme: Text file that links to here

This Leaderboard Manager supports the all build versions listed below, Note WebGL support is planned in a future update:
- PC/Mac/Linux
- Android

2) Using The Asset

Initial Setup
If the asset is all imported correctly, you should be good to go without any additional setup. We recommend you import the editor and prefabs as they help with the usability of the asset. The prefabs provided give you an idea of how to implement you own UI and are only their as an example. It's a good idea to have your leaderboard on a scroll view so all the entries can be displayed when loaded, but that is up to you. If you are new to unity or unsure how the asset works, try out the example scene provided with the asset, assuming you imported everything into youe project.

Leaderboard Manager Display Screenshot

The Display Script

The asset comes with a display script which gives an example of how the leaderboard manager can be used in your game. The provided script has an editor script to make it look a little neater as well as providing links to this documentation and the discord server.

The display object needs to be set to the parent object you wish to add rows to. This should be a UI sorted group so that added a prefab instance will be visible to the user. 

The row prefab is the prefab spawned in for each leaderboard entry for your game. You can use the one provided or make your own, as long as it has the right amount of text componenets in the right order it will work with the display script provided. If you need additional elements you will need to modify the script to accomidate the changes. 

The config section is optional but allows you to determine how many entries you want to display. This is useful if you only want to show to top 3 or top 10 entries for your game. Ticking the box will display a int field for you to enter this into.

The last option controls how the leaderboard is ordered when it is called. You can choose to have it:
Unordered - which displays each entire sin the order they were placed into the leaderboard.
Descending - which displays the entries in highest score first.
Ascending - which does the opposite and shows the entries with the lowest score first.

3) Methods

AddToLeaderboard(string name, float score)
Adds the name and score to the leaderboard via a leaderboarddata instance. 

RemoveEntryFromLeaderboard(string playerName, float playerScore) 
Removes the entered entry from the leaderboard.

SaveLeaderboardStore(LeaderboardStore _storedData)
Saves the leaderboard, requires a LeaderboardStore which is holds an array of LeaderboardData. A LeaderboardStore can be added to by calling LeaderboardStore.leaderboardData.add(leaderboardData); 

Loads the saved LeaderboardStore from the save file used for the leaderboard.
Returns: LeaderboardStore

Loads the saved LeaderboardData from the save file used for the leaderboard, overload to return an array of leaderboard data instead.
Returns: Array of LeaderboardData

Loads the leaderboard values in a descending order based on the players scores.
Returns: Array of LeaderboardData sorted in highest score first.

Loads the leaderboard values in a ascending order based on the players scores.
Returns: Array of LeaderboardData sorted in lowest score first.

4) Error Messages & Common Problems

If you run into a problem or get an error and are unsure, feel free to drop me an email at ( and I'll do my best to help you out.

We don't have any specific problems that we can forsee, if any become a common question we will be sure to add it here.


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