Leaderboard Manager Change Log

Change Log



A hotfix patch for a minor issue with the asset.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where trying to clear a leaderboard with a specific ID would fail despite the board existing.
Major Update


Major rewrite of the asset to allow for multiple leaderboard, better formatting & more!

🏪 Store Listing

  • Updated the store graphics to match all our other assets style.
  • Updated store description to reflect the capabilities of the latest version of the asset.
  • Added showcase video to show the asset in action.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Re-written the asset entirely.
  • Support for TextMeshPro leaderboard displays added.
  • Support for multiple leaderboards added.
Major Update


Hotfix to fix an issue with the asset.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Updated the commenting on all scripts in the asset.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the display would not throw an error when the limit was updated on the fly.


Added an additional utility method based on feedback from our users.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Added Get Position method that was requested by a user on our discord server to support.
Minor Update


Updates and general improvements to the existing codebase.

🏪 Store Listing

  • Updated the asset title to remove the “(CG)” characters after the asset name. This has been replaced with “| CG” instead to

    look a little neater.
  • Updated the main asset description to explain more about the asset and its features.
  • Updated all links to be correct for the asset.
  • Updated to key images to all be the same size as the main key image.
  • Updated the asset colour scheme to be more pastel, the old colour was a bit abrupt.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Updated the Leaderboard Manager Logo on the asset editor window.
  • Updated commenting on all code.
  • Name spaced all example code into CarterGames.Assets.LeaderboardManager.Example so that the user does not

    accidently use example code instead of the asset itself.
  • Updated the example script with all method calls in the example scene coming from the script to help new users

    understand what method is called per button.
  • Updated the example scene to add a new clear file button that resets the leaderbaord file.
  • Added a new method to clear the leaderboard file when called.


Bug fix update & example scene added.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Updated the asset logo to look better
  • Added an example scene to all users to give the asset a go as well as providing a example to base their use for the asset on.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the RemoveFromLeaderboard() method where it would not work as intended.
Original Release


Initial release of asset, first public version.