We create a variety of games & apps as well as participate in game jams, below are all the titles we currently have release or are in active development.

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Lost My Marbles | Coming 2021/22

Lost My Marbles is a single & multiplayer marble game where you platform and race to regain your sanity while encountering multiple traps, hazards and weird enviroments.

C.W.I.S Banner
C.W.I.S (Mobile Port In Development)

Entry into the Score Space #9 Gamejam
C.W.I.S is a tactical survival game where you fend off endless waves of missiles heading right for you....

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Detective Notes

Android Scorecard App
An alternative Clue/Cluedo detective notes. Useful when you have no paper version spare or can't read them. 

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Android Game
Survive for as long as possible while dodging an endless wave of crushing trying to destroy you.

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Micro Arcade  2.0.0 | Postponed

Micro Arcade is our founders final major project, we are continuing it by developing it further, adding features that were missing in the project and updating the look and feel of the game. 

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