Save Manager Change Log

Change Log

Minor Update


Added improvements to the editor tool for the asset as well as a facelift for the asset on the store.

🏪 Store Listing

  • Updated asset artwork to a new gradient style.
  • Updated key images to be up to date with the latest version of the asset.
  • Updated the store description with the latest changes to the asset.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Improved save data editor tool.
  • Move editor tool to Tool/SaveManager | CG.
  • Added additional options to the navagation tab to allow the user to reset the save data.
  • Added support for default values for some save data types.
  • Added options to save Quaternions, Sprites, Queue’s, Stack’s, Doubles & Bytes.
  • Added implicit operators to allow save variants to be converted to their normal types with no extra work on the end user.
  • Updated documentation for latest version
Minor Update


Updates and general improvements to the existing codebase.

🏪 Store Listing

  • Updated the asset title to remove the “(CG)” characters after the asset name. This has been replaced with “| CG” instead to

    look a little neater.
  • Updated the main asset description to explain more about the asset and its features.
  • Updated all links to be correct for the asset.
  • Updated to key images to all be the same size as the main key image.
  • Updated the asset colour scheme to be more pastel, the old colour was a bit abrupt.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Updated the Save Manager Logo on the asset editor window.
  • Updated the priority of the Save Manager in the Carter Games navigation tab menu.
  • Corrected the spacing for Save Data Editor in the navigation tab menu.
  • Updated commenting on all code.
  • Updated the example in the asset so that the user can refer back to it without needing the savedata class to be set in a

    particular way.
  • Name spaced all example code into CarterGames.Assets.SaveManager.Example so that the user does not accidently use

    example code instead of the asset itself.
  • Added a new method to reset the save file when called.
  • Cleared the savedata class so it is ready for the user to add their own stuff right away.


Fixed to the discord server link and graphics on the store page.

🏪 Store Listing

  • Fixed the store page discord logo to be a proper logo to comply with the store requirements.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Updated the discord invite, as it was broken, to be our redirect so it doesn’t need updating again.
Original Release

1.0.0 | Initial Release

Initial release of asset, first public version.