Multi Scene Change Log

Change Log

Feature Update


Custom execution ordering added.

Order Attribute

You can now add a custom attribute to an multi scene interface implementation to define a custom execution order for the method. This works in the same way that the script execution order works with 0 being the default, negitive numbers will be before the default, positive will be after the default. If you don’t define a order for a method it will be set to 0 in the order by default and run in normal hierarchy order.

Just add [MultiSceneOrdered] to use this system on a method.
Use [MultiSceneOrdered(x)] to use custom ordering for this method, x being the order position you want it to run in.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Added a new feature to let users define a custom execution order for the multi scene interface implementations.
Minor Update


Minor changes & fixes.

🎨 Asset Changes

  • Added editor buttons to multi scene manager to allow a scene group to be loaded in the editor at the push of a button, rather than having to do it manually.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some minor issues in the multi scene manager that I found while using the package in a project.
Original Release


Initial release of asset, first public version on github as the asset is developed.