Transform Colours



Transform colours is a simple custom inspector that changes the default transform component and gives it a dash of colour. The layout remains the same to the default inspector for the component, but changes the background colours of each float field to match the xyz colours, so red for the X axis, green for the Y axis & blue for the Z axis.

Key Features

Supports pretty much every version of Unity.

Unity 2021.2 Support
In 2021.2 a new toggle was added to the Transform component. We have added this in with a scripting define and it will be visible if using a version from 2021.2 or higher. Older version will not have this option.

Switch Between 2D/3D Styles
Working on a 2D project? We’ve got you covered! Switch between 2D & 3D styles with the press of a button. The 2D style makes the values that are not commonly used in 2D games less visible.

Custom Transform Colours
Customise the colours in the transform component to anything you like! Get the colours that best fit for you!