Build Versions

A free automatic build number updater tool for Unity, ideal for small teams or individuals.

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🟩 Description

Build Versions is a backend tool that saves you the headache of updating the build number for each build. 

The asset will always update a standard number stored in a scriptable object that you can reference in your project. With options to update the player settings semantic version as well.

🟩 Brief feature list
  • Automatic build information updating.
  • Choose when the build number updates.
  • No user setup required.
  • Support to update the player settings build number on build.
  • Support to update the Android bundle code on build.
  • Toggle for only applying on release builds.
🟩 How to Install & Where to start
  • Import the package into your project
  • Wait for the Unity Editor to refresh!
  • Make a build or create a build information & build versions options scriptable object.
  • That’s it!