Multi Scene


Tool In Development

This asset is still a work in progress, so this page is a work in progress and will be updated with more info when the asset is developed further.



This package provides a base for working with lots of scenes all loaded at once in Unity. This is really handy from not only a modularity stand point, but also from a collaborate stand point as splitting the game into difference scenes makes it easier to work together in a project with no waiting for a person to be finished with a scene before making changes to another part of the game that was in that scene.

Main Features

  • Scene grouping with ad-hoc group loading
  • Multi scene script referencing system
  • Custom Awake, Enable & Start interfaces

    Simulates the normal methods of the same name when all scenes have been loaded
  • Custom listener ordering via attribute to avoid execution ordering problems


The main packages handles most of the functionallity you would need with the system. Extensions are extra scripts that add some additional functionallity that the core code base doesn’t. These are standalone additions that only depend on the core library to work and can be imported via their seperate package files. We currently have the following extensions for this system:

  • URP Camera Extension

    This extension allows you to use base/overlay camera between scenes.
  • Do Not Destroy Extension

    This extension allows you to get scripts that are in the Do Not Destroy scene.