Transform Colours Documentation


Contributors: Jonathan Carter
Documentation Valid for Version: 1.1.5
Last Updated: 05/10/2020


Package Information

The package has 1 main folder & 3 files, all listed with an astrisk are required files for the asset to work. Those without are not needed for the functionality but are required for some cosmetic features.

Editor/Carter Games/Transform Colours
  • *TransformColours.cs

Readme: Text file that goes over the changelog for the asset.

Docs: Text file that links to here and provides an offline copy of this page.

Installing The Asset

Once the package has been imported into the project, move the contents into your root assets folder, place the contents of the editor folder into your editor folder if you have one already. When the script is moved the editor will need update which it does automatically. That is legit all you need to do, to check if the asset is working, simply select a gameobject which has the transform component on it, the colours should already be there.

Changing between 2D/3D view
To change between 2D & 3D view, simply select the option on the main navigation bar under the following path:
Carter Games/Transform Colours/Switch 2D-3D View

Once pressed the editor will update to switch between which ever view you have selected. This change will save between projects.

Error Messages

There should be no error messages coming from this script, if you do get an unexpected error from this asset please do report it to us as soon as possible so we can fix it.

Common Problems

The colours have not updated:
Double check the editor has updated and that the script is in the assets/editor folder in your unity project.

My transform componenet has nothing under it:
Please try re-installing the asset and letting the editor update, if this persists please let us know.