More Asset Store Updates!

More Asset Store Updates!

As of this morning both our Audio Manager & Transform Colours asset updates went live. Both these updates included the improved visual style that we also used for the recent Save Manager update. This just leave the Leaderboard Manager as the last asset that we have yet to update to the new style, which we anticipate will be around by the end of the month.

Whats changed?

Audio Manager 2.5.2

This update added some requested features as well as fixed up some known bugs with the previous version. we also improved some elements of the code base and also added some additional options to play audio that we have found useful while working on our own projects. Below are the official changes:

Store Listing Changes
  • Updated some of the store listing graphics with the new style.
  • Updated store listing description with to better explain the asset.
Asset Changes
  • Re-written the Music Player script to ensure that it works as intended.
  • Added Audio Events to allow users to get when a clip has ended.
  • Added new PlayRange methods to allow users to play ca random clip with a collection of requests.
  • Added a custom inspector for the Audio Manager File scriptable object.
  • Added ability to change the base scan directory so the user can store their audio files in a folder other than Assets/Audio
  • Re-written documentaion to better explain the asset and how to use it.
  • Added basic demo scene, explaining how examples of some of the scripts can’t be provided due to the asset setup, though the music player has an example.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with the music player coroutines not properly working.
Transform Colours 1.1.6

Updates the Transform Colours are mostly cosmetic with some future proofing with the new changes coming in Unity 2021.2. We even got a new 5-star review on the day the update went live which just made it even better.

Good for newbies like me!
If you’re still confused which axis color is which this asset is awesome, just download it, put it into your project and it’s done. You now have a valuable visual hint to help you remember the axis colors.

Below are the official changes to this asset:

Store Listing Changes
  • Updated the store description to better explain the asset and its usage.
  • Updated the store graphics to fit the new style we have made for our assets.
Asset Changes
  • Added support for the 2021.2 scale constrain toggle with a scripting define.
  • Made some minor changes to the asset backend.
  • Updated documentation & changelog to match the new style.

Thats all for this update, more updates soon!

Save Manager Updated!

Improved interface promotional graphic


Our Save Manager has been updated. This has been a long time coming as the asset had some clear design issues. We’ve address most of these in this update and made some positive changes to hopefully make the asset even easier to use.

The Changes

New Editor Tool Layout.
The editor tool has been updated with a lot of improvements in the layout and functionality. The layout has been simplified to two tabs instead of three. The editor auto loads the infomation from the save data class. The editor also lays out the information in a more concise manor to make it easier to edit values on the fly.

New Operators
We’ve improved the back-end a fair bit to accomide operators. Previously you had to use our Save variats for vectors and colours in your own code to use the manager fully. Now, you can just use the standard vectors and colours and the asset does the rest for you.

New Save Types Supported
We’ve added more support to the asset. We now support the following types on top of what we previously supported;
– Double
– Byte
– Quaternion
– Sprite (In a specific setup)

We’ve also added support for more collection types to accomidate for their use, so you can more save Queues & Stacks of a saveable type as well as Lists and Arrays.

Updated Docs
We’ve been thoguh and totally re-written our documation to better explain the asset out of the box as well as porting it to Notion so ease of editing. We’ve prodiced a .pdf of the page as the offline documation which is much more readable than the old text file.

See the new docs here:


Interested? you can get the asset here:

Detective Notes Update 1.2.0 Released

Detective Notes Update 1.2.0 Released

Detective Note, Note Page Screenshot
A populated set of notes in the Detective Notes app

The issue has been resolved in the 1.2.1 hotfix build which is now live

We are aware of an issue where the “make custom edition” button doesn’t render correctly in this release and have a patch already on the way to fix this issue.

July 1st 2021 @ 20:35

Whats is Detective Notes?

Detective Notes is our Clue/Cluedo note taking app that is designed to be a digital replacement for the paper notes that come with the game. It comes in handy when you have no paper notes left to use up or the notes themselves are too small for you to easily see. This update aims to further improve the app with stability, performance & visual updates.

What has changed?

New app graphics
We have updated the graphics for the app, most notabley the app logo and banner art, though there are some subtle changes elsewhere in the app to make it look a little neater.

Improved notes loading time & Improved performance while using notes
We have made some edits in the backend which will reduce the loading times when loading a set of notes from the save. This will also improve the perormance when updating notes. As the way we save the notes on the fly has also been tweaked.

Fixed issues with the layout breaking on larger devices
We noticed some issues with our app when it came to upscalign for larger devices. Most notabely we found that the app UI would go a bit everywhere. We have addressed this in this update and there should not be any issues with this going foward.

Removed double icons due to card limitations
While it is sad to remove features that users may be used to. We had to make the desision to remove the double icons feature from the app. This is due to two main reasons.
1) The UX for using them was a little inconsistent. Occasionally was more of a hinderance than a help.
2) The scaling for the double icons would not work reliabely on all devices.
We hope to get a chance to add this feature again in the future, but for now the app will remain without it.

As always, if you have suggestions or feedback to give on any of our live products. Please do get in touch with us via our socials, discord server, email or post comments.

Download The App!

June 2021 Roadmap

This update concudes our June 2021 Roadmap with an update to this app being the last bit on our list. Next month you can expect a load of updates to our Unity Asset Store products including, improvements to backend code, new minor features and QOL changes, updated documentation, new store graphics and more! Stay tuned as next month is set to be a busy one.

Summer 2021 Roadmap

Summer 2021 Roadmap

So we’ve been a little inactive recently but are hoping to change that over the next 6 months with updates and new projects on the way. This is the first post that are making on the refreshed website with plans to make detailed announcements directly onto the site as well as summariesed versions on our socials. below we’re going to be outlining our plans for the next few months and some ideas of what we will be working on for the rest of the year. We have already made progress on the June work so the completed steps are already crossed out:


  • Discord Server Updates
    • New role for new joiners to the server.
    • Reduced the amount of channels for an easier to follow layout.
  • Website Layout Updates
    • New simple layout.
    • News & Dev post setup.
  • Detective Notes App Update
    • Performance improvements.
    • Scaling issue fixes.
    • Improved visuals.


  • Unity Asset Store Asset Audit
    • Updates to store graphics and descriptions.
    • Updates to documentation.
  • Socials Update
    • Updates to all existing social platforms.
    • Cleaning up old posts and updates to meta data.

August & Onwards

  • New Unity Asset Store Asset
  • New Major Game(s) Project, TBC