Project Tilly Devlog #3


So today marks the end of the 3rd week of development on Project Tilly and so far so good. The game is mostly stable with the current features implemented, though a new build would be available until week 4/5 due to most of the new content not being accessible without more features being added in.

This week was focused on finishing up the journal system as well as making some developer tools to help with testing and saves.


The journal got a few tweaks from last week as well as the display setup was implemented fully to show entries based on if the user had unlocked them. I also added a little UI element to show when the user has a new entry in their journal. This is all and working as intended for the most part. Iโ€™ll get around to making final polish steps down the line, but for now the system is functional which is good enough to move on.

Save Editor

The other main bit of progress is on the development side. The Save Manager that is a copy of our public asset of the same name needed a little extension to let me edit the data in the editor for testing etc. This took a little work but I now have a little editor window that can be used to test the systems, such as the journal system, and change the users state as I play to make sure it works as intended. This will be a valuable tool as I keep working on the game. The only downside to the system is the fact that I will have to manually add any new data values to the editor script on the fly.


Next week I will be focusing on adding a system for letting the user interact with objects in the game. This is a vital system for the game and will be needed for the next build so the new systems can be used without dev tools. If all goes well a new build will be in next weeks update, if not the week after. Though its still early days and it just the systems to playtest really.

Speak to yโ€™all next week xD

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