C.W.I.S Devlog #4 | More Firepower!

Welcome back to C.W.I.S, now with even more weapons.

Recently the project got somewhat featured on gamejolt which really made my day, thank you!

This video was sadly delayed by a week due to just not being able to record the video & not quite having enough stuff working to show.

Whats New!

  • A WAY better missile launcher that I’m really proud of where is shoot missiles in a somewhat realistic spline curve, instead of the old straight line which was really dull. I also fixed the trail effects so there is actual smoke behind the missiles being launched.
  • A main gun, with a clip style ammo reloading pool, this will eventually be used against target & other ships as and when I get to that stage.
  • Functioning upgrades, where you can now actually upgrade you weapons using upgrade points to choose from an even better selection of upgrades. Currently only on the CIWS turret but coming to the rest for the next devlog.
  • Detection lines, see where missiles are coming from on-screen. This will be an upgrade for the radar as and when it is implemented.
  • Fixed a few of the really bad bugs. Still got a load to fix but its a start xD

Next Video

I’m aiming to have the next devlog out around 3-4 weeks from this video going live. So around the start of August you can expect the next update. As always feel free to comment ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. I’m happy to any and all thoughts on the project and where it should go.

The Video

C.W.I.S Devlog #3 | Upgrades & A Whole Load Of Bugs

Welcome back to another devlog on C.W.I.S, In this devlog I go over the new weapon upgrades system progress, some menu work, an improved ship health/hitbox system and the early setup of the radar on the ship.

Its been a busy few weeks so I didn’t manage to get as much done as I would’ve liked, but the next few weeks look much clearer so I should be able to get a lot more done. Since making the video I have already started on the remaining weapons for the game including a main gun & player missiles. So lots more to coming in future devlogs!

Watch the devlog below:

If you have any suggestions for future content, comments on the current work or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to comment them on this article or in the comments section of the video.

C.W.I.S Devlog #2 | The Basics Of Shooting

In this devlog I go over the new mechanics of turret shooting, with object pooling, overheating & ammo count. Along with some early progress on the radar system to show incoming threats, a hitbox system to control the health & damage of the player ship.

Watch the devlog below:

If you have any suggestions for future content, comments on the current work or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to comment them on this article or in the comments section of the video.

C.W.I.S Devlog #1 | Project Introduction

After taking time off from Project Tilly, I’ve decided to instead focus on a game which is a little bit more achievable with my current skill set to get another release under my belt. So here goes…

ICYMI: I go over what’s happened to Project Tilly here: https://carter.games/website-update-future-plans-apr22/

With this remake I’m focusing more on the progress updates, builds & devlog.

This game will have a video devlog series to go along with it where I talk about progress made on the project, future plans & discuss feedback and suggestions from the community. The full playlist can be viewed here:

Currently there is just the announcement video going over the plans for the project and summarising the original jam version of the game for those who didn’t play it. There will be videos every 3-4 weeks or whenever a decent chunk of work has been achieved. Which ever comes first!

A little sneak peak of the upcoming progress can also be seen on my twitter post below:

I’ll be updating this page with the latest art & visuals when I have them along with the development builds & devlogs as and when they go live.

Speak to y’all soon

Project Tilly Devlog #10

A bit of a busier week life wise this week has meant I’ve had less time to work on the project. I also just wasn’t feeling like working on the project after my work days this week and couldn’t get in the mind set this weekend. To not push myself into working on the project, only to end up undoing a load of it later. I’ve decided to take the weekend off and just relax for a change.

Anyway here’s wonderwa… sorry, here’s a walldrobe.

Not yet implemented and missing a few bits but its an improvement over the placeholder cube I had before. This is about the only thing I got done on the project this week as an experiment with Volex for art. Not 100% sold on it, so gonna try and re-learnt the controls in blender again soon (I’m used to 3DS Max but no way can I afford a licence for that xD).

Next week is going to be mostly project planning for the prototype, I want to nail down my tasks for a release build. Start writing out what story elements are going to be in play and the dialogue for said bits as well as what goals the player has in the flat scene to complete the section in the prototype. So next week’s post will have a lot about the story and background of the main character if all goes to plan xD I’m hoping to wrap this prototype up by end of May at the latest so I can try out some other ideas I’ve had so not to get burnt out as much. Then dependant on reception and how I feel about working on it further, I will decide its fate.