Hey yโ€™all, so its coming to the end of the week and as a goal to keep posting at regular intervals Iโ€™ll be posting weekly updates on development no matter how big or small the work in the week was, if any. Do note that I work on this in my spare time which is limited and that I work in the industry full-time as is, so I only get around 5-10 hours a week on this at best.

This week was mostly focused on the backend for the main menu & options menu in the game. I wanted to make a system that could work in future titles as well as this one so I took my time to get it to a good spot. Iโ€™ve added in most of the options in to the game with their values updating in the global save. The plan is to add fully re-mappable key bindings in the future, but that is down the line a little.

You can see the current progress in this short video: