Asset Updates!

Hello all, I just wanted to make a short update post regarding our new asset as well as some updates we have pushed to some of our existing assets this week. So here’s what has happened this week:

Build Versions

Our latest asset is still in the review process to go live on the Unity Asset Store. The stores review process time has increased a considerable amount since we last published a new asset so it is taking a while. We are, as of writing, #1448 in the queue. So this asset may take a while to go live. There isn’t anything we can do on our end to speed this up sadly so its just a waiting game. We expect that the asset will be live before December but we can’t give an accurate date at this time. We will post when the asset goes live so y’all don’t miss it!

Audio Manager | 2.5.3

Audio Manager got a small update in the week, we fixed a few issues with the music player script to add a little extra functionality to it. We did make a little bobo in this update and missed a few bits such as the version numbers on some of the assets custom editor code. We will be patching this in a silent update next week.

A silent update is where we push an update without changing the version number of the asset, so you won’t get a notification that a new version is live.

Transform Colours | 1.2.0

Transform Colours has also got a new update! This update adds the option for users to customise the colours that are used in the transform component. Previously if you wanted to changes these you would need to go into our code to edit the colours selected. However after a review of someone doing this was posted we felt we should add a handy tool to make it easy to change. This is also a god send for those who use Unity in the light theme as the default colours are more focused on the dark theme that we personally use.

Closing Notes

That is all the updates we have for nThat is all the updates we have for now. We are now aiming to post a update on a weekly or fortnightly basis from now onwards to keep you all in the loop with that we are working on ‘n’ all. So keep your eyes peeled for future updates!