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Carter Games

A solo game dev working to produce fun games for people to play & useful tools for other game developers.

Who am I

I'm Jonathan, I run Carter Games. I'm an aspiring Indie Games Developer with hopes to work in a small company, or to work freelance. I like make unique and weird games, such as unicycles taking over the world, pumpkin smashing & mirror punching.


Below are the games either released or in development under the Carter Games brand


Lost My Marbles

Currently In Development...

A ball platformer where you race to the finish while avoiding, zomballs, mines, fans, disco's and more...


Jump Drive

Entry into the GMTK 2019 Game Jam

Jump Drive! is a game based on the theme of only one., Where you must get to the finish without dying. If only it were simple as you only have one control to work with. You control the Jump Drive, a drive that teleports the player between two worlds, though it is known to be faulty and might break on your run.....


Tools made under the Carter Games brand, these are on the Unity Asset Store and are FREE!


Audio Manager


A set of custom scripts including a custom inspector for the script designned to make the script very user friendly.


Mesh Material Tool


A custom editor window that allows the user to add materials to a mass selection of meshes all at once. It also supports meshes that hold more than one material. Not officially released due to it needing bug fixes and polish